Wireless Configuration

The Importance of Wireless Security

A wireless connection is used by millions of people on a daily basis for the purpose of surfing the web, sending information to friends and family and for conducting business. A new age of convenience has been brought to home and business networks with the help of wireless networks. However, this cutting of wires has also led to the surfacing of new ways through which network security can be compromised. The activities of the people can be viewed by strangers and unwanted people and in some extreme circumstances, sensitive and confidential information can also be stolen. Several security measures have to be taken for protecting users who use a wireless network to connect to the internet.

In the early days, when wireless networking was introduced, the manufacturers largely paid no heed to security. It was their belief that these devices had an inherent short range and the technology was obscure, due to which, there was no need for taking additional measures of any sort. However, the need for extra security has become more pronounced since the technology became more prevalent and these wireless networks are being used for transmitting classified and financial information over wireless networks. Wireless security can now be termed as a need.

Another reason for this security is that a system of optical or copper wires was used by traditional wired networks. This meant that in order to gain access to the information being transmitted, another device had to be physically connected to the system. Wireless networks, on the other hand, make use of radio frequencies. Hence, any device that falls in the range of these frequencies and airwaves can gain access to the information. A wireless network can be hacked by any other wireless enabled device potentially, as long as it’s in the range of the network. Thus, the security of a network can be easily compromised with a laptop or a wireless card.

The amount of wireless devices being used nowadays is rising. This increased number means that there are countless opportunities for people to become a victim of the various internet crimes. Today, even handhelds and phones are used for accessing the web and they can also be regarded as tools of hacking. Using an unprotected wireless connection for sending important information can prove to be very risky as well as costly for an individual or business. According to statistics, victims of fraud suffered from a loss of around $3000 for every incident that occurred.

However, crime is not the only risk that is posed to devices through the use of an unprotected wireless connection. The devices also become vulnerable to different types of viruses that can thrive and spread via an insecure wireless network. This can affect the efficiency of devices and can also lead to loss of important data. By using a security feature, people can prevent themselves from becoming victims of internet crimes. Their connection and private data will be kept safe via wireless security and their devices will also be protected from the negative impacts of viruses.