Wireless Configuration

Practical Uses For Wireless Routers

There are numerous ways that a wireless router can be useful in your home. Many people use routers to run a convenient home office, others use it one so they can enjoy entertainment in every room. If you use a wireless router, you will discover that you save money since you will not need to run wiring through your home, and you do not need to buy expensive cables. If your home is large and you need your wireless connection to extend across a large family home or through several floors, you may need to buy a wireless router extender to ensure that all devices have a strong connection.

So how can a wireless router make your life easier and a bit more fun? There are a variety of devices that can use wireless internet. Here are a few of them:

Entertainment and Gaming

Most video game consoles can utilize a wireless internet connection via the router so users can download bonus features for games, interact with other players online, and use the internet without a computer. You can watch TV shows and movies using low-cost streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. If you do not have a video game system and want inexpensive entertainment without paying for cable, you can get a small device from Boxee, Roku or a dozen other companies, which allow you to watch internet content on your TV.

Wireless Home Security

Many homeowners are turning to wireless configurations to protect their homes from burglary and home invasion. Technological advances have made wireless home security systems affordable, easy to use, and an optimal choice for those who rent or need to adapt a security system to their meet their needs. If you are interested, check out LifeShield Home Security, X10, and SimpliSafe many have smartphone apps and websites where you can arm your system, monitor your system, and watch live video feed from anywhere in the world.

Home Office and Communication

Wireless routers allow people to share office equipment and save money. Manufacturers are now making affordable wireless printers, scanners, and all-in-one print/scan/copy/fax machines perfect for a home or small business. If you have multiple laptops and computers in your home or office, all can wirelessly share a single printer. Highly rated brands include Brother, HP, and Canon.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Other Devices

Most electronic devices sold today, from e-readers to portable video games, have wireless internet capabilities. When you install a wireless router inside your home, every device can seamlessly interact with others and download files. Newer smartphones generally use cellular technology to make calls and download data, but can use a good wireless internet connection to get you faster download speeds and save you money on data charges. Some e-readers, like the basic versions of the Nook and Kindle devices, can only be used by manually plugging it into a computer with a power cord, or by using a wi-fi connection.

For many of us, a wireless router is becoming the most important piece of equipment we own. Make sure you choose the right router so you can use your productivity, entertainment and security devices to their fullest.