Wireless Configuration

Configuring a Netgear Wireless Router

A wireless router acts as a gateway as well as a wireless access point that connects two devices over the network. Using your Netgear wireless router as a gateway allows you to connect computers and devices to your high speed modem. If you configure your Netgear Wireless Router as a Wireless access point this allows wireless devices to connect over the network. There are a number of routers released by Netgear manufacturers. Each router has different range and option depends on the requirement of your users.

Netgear do a wide range of Wireless Routers specifically for the home user market, while there is also a large range of high-end Wireless routers for use in medium to large businesses.

To start configuring your Netgear wireless router you will need to connect the router to your computer using network ethernet cable. This is so you can connect to the management page and begin setting up your router.

Configuring a Netgear Wireless Router

Use an Ethernet cable for connecting Netgear wireless router with your high speed modem. When you are connecting router with device don't forget to switch off the power supply of the modem. Now insert the cable that is connected to your modem at the back of router in the Internet port. This port is available next to the power port and easily be recognized with the green color.

Now use another Ethernet cable for connecting wireless router with your computer. Don't forget to shut down computer before connecting it with Netgear wireless router. There is one blue cable available with Netgear wireless router. One end of this cable should be connected with Ethernet jack at the back of your computer and other end should be connected with the LAN port available at the back of Netgear wireless router. There are several LAN ports available at the back end of Netgear wireless router marked with yellow color. You don't have to confuse as you can use any one of them according to your requirement.

Now perform these steps in preferred order. First of all, switch on the power of your high speed modem and take rest for two minutes. This time is necessary to connect to your high speed modem with ISP (Internet Service Provider). You can show the signal that Modem is successfully connected with ISP (Internet Service Provider). Only after that signal you should follow the next step. The next supply is to supply power to the Netgear wireless router with the help of Netgear AC power adapter. The AC power adapter should be plugged in black port that is available at the back of Netgear wireless router and specially designed for power adapter only. Now again wait for few minutes so that wireless router can be connected with your high speed modem. You are successful in your task if all lights at the front of wireless counter are switch on. The last step is to turn on your computer.

The next step is to connect your web browser with the Netgear wireless router URL. Here are three alternative Netgear wireless router URLs: http://www.routerlogin.com, http://www.routerlogin.net, or Type any one of the three PLs in the address bar and press Enter through keyboard. This URL redirects you to the LOGIN page.

Now enter the default username and password in the textbox. By default, username is "admin" and Password is "password" assigned by the Netgear wireless router provider. Username and Password is case sensitive, so you have to be extra careful during typing. After login you can change your username and password but initially you have to work with by default value only.

Once you are logged in, the next step is to follow Netgear wireless router SETUP instructions. It will ask you to recognize your Internet type. Press "Yes" and follow all SETUP instructions step by step. Once you are completed with the SETUP then you can access Internet with the help of your wireless router.

For connecting wireless device with the wireless router you have to configure wireless settings. Again LOGIN with the same procedure and click over the wireless settings. You require a PASCODE for accessing wireless device. Once you have configure all wireless setting then click on the APPLY button and now you are ready to use wireless router along with your wireless device. In this way, you can see that it is easy to configure NETGEAR wireless router, you just need to follow all steps in the same order as explained above.

Troubleshooting Tips

It is necessary to restart your network in the recommended order. First of all switch off modem, computer and Netgear wireless router. Then switch on modem and wait for few minutes. Then switch on wireless router and again for few minutes. At last, start your network for connecting it with the wireless router and modem.

Ethernet cables should be plugged in a proper manner and lights of Ethernet port should be on after connection.

The most important fact is to consider that wireless network name and router SSID name should matched exactly.

You should be sure about the network settings of the computer. If there is some issue then ask expert or follow the all necessary steps that are required for preparing a network. At last click on Apply and your computer is ready to use along with wireless router and high speed modem.

Don't forget to examine the status light of router and modem for correct operation. If they are not working properly then restart the network and examine the status again.

If you are still facing some problem then ask some expert who can complete the configuration task for you. When he is completing his task then you should carefully examine each and every task and next time you should try to perform the same configuration yourself. If there is some doubt then don't forget to put up the questions in front of the expert. Sometimes, there are some defects with wireless router. In that case, ask the manufacturer to replace the router with new one. You can also configure Internet settings manually but deep understanding is essential for this purpose. You can also run the Wizard for configuring the setting automatically.