Wireless Configuration

D-Link Wireless Routers

How to configure D-Link Wireless Router

D – Link router allows you to connect number of laptops through a single high speed Internet. There are a number of facts regarding wireless network that are necessary to understood before configuring any wireless router. D – Link router has an automatic configuration utility that makes the task easy for you.

Steps that help you in configuring a D – Link wireless router

The first step is to connect DSL port of the modem and WAN port of the D – Link router through Ethernet cable. Also connect your computer and router with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Now access the Internet connection and open the web browser. Type IP address in the address bar. This IP address will open the Login page in front of you. Type username and password in the login fields. Type “admin” as the username and leave the password field blank.

Submit the login details and it will display the configuration page in front of you. If you want to change the password then navigate the “Tools” tab and select the Admin option available at the left end of the window. Here you can find an “admin password” option. Here type the new password and click over the save button. Always choose the intelligent password that must be difficult to crack. In this way, you can change the password of D – Link router.

If you want that no one else should access your network then disable the wireless LAN (local area network).

It is also necessary to configure encryption standard to increase security of the wireless network. For this purpose, navigate the home tab available at the configuration screen and select the wireless link under the home tab. Further enable the WEP encryption standard if you want to prevent unwanted users from accessing your network.

Now click over the “key 1” field and enter the 13 digit password in the textbox. Click over Apply button to save the changes. Don’t forget to take the backup of the password for future reference.

The next step is to navigate the Home -> wireless button available at the configuration screen. Here change the SSID name of your network so that unwanted users cannot identify your network. Choose some intelligent SSID name that must be difficult to crack. At last click over the Save changes option for Apply the changes. Also disable the SSID broadcasting for making your network invisible for the other users. In this way, hackers could not detect your network during transmission of confidential data.

For adding extra security, navigate the “Advance tab” for preventing the extra users from accessing your network. Here enable the MAC encryption standard that can be used along with WEP or WPA. Here you can filter the IP addresses according to your requirement. Here you can check two options: Allow or Deny. MAC controls the list of IP addresses that can access your network and remaining should prevented from accessing your network. At last save the changes that you have made in the MAC list.

Configuring SNMP on a D – Link Router

With the help of SNMP, you can continuously monitor your D – Link router. SNMP immediately send an alert message as soon as it detects an issue with the network. For enhancing security you must enable the SNMP protocol on your network. Here are some easy steps that help you in configuring SNMP on a D – Link router.

Configuration Steps

Open the Login page of the router by entering the Http:// default IP address in the address bar. This address will display the configuration page on your computer screen.

Navigate the “Administration” tab and select the SNMP Manager option from the list. Here you can see SNMP community table option in the drop down list.

Here select the Public option for opening the public connections to the router. At last save the changes.

Navigate the configuration menu and select the Send traps option from the list. Here you have to type any email or file name for accessing the SNMP messages. At last click on the OK option for implementing the changes.

The last step is to select the IP address of the router you want to monitor. This is a mandatory step that reports all issues regarding that IP address. Once you have entered the IP address, click on the Save button. In this way, you have successfully configured SNMP protocol for your D – Link wireless router.

How to connect an iPhone to the D – Link wireless router

This is really an interesting concept that you can connect other device like printer, mobile phone or iPhone with the D - Link wireless router. Once you are connected with D – Link router you can surf Internet and read messages on your iPhone application. Here are some easy steps that make the iPhone connectivity simple with the D – Link router.

The first step is to cram the name of your Wi-Fi network. Now you have to work on the Settings option of the iPhone. Click on the Wi-Fi option available in your iPhone. Here you have to enable the Wi-Fi option and most important step is to enter the name of Wi-Fi network correctly. Just save the setting and you can surf net and other Wi-Fi facilities on your iPhone.

The next task is to connect a printer with D – Link router. If you want to connect a single printer with multiple laptops or computers then connect your printer with the router. You should use USB for connecting printer with D – Link router. Plug one end of USB data cable in the printer port and other end in the D – Link router port. The sad thing is that if your router does not have any USB connection then you cannot connect printer with wireless router.

Now switch on printer and D – Link wireless router. Now install the driver with the help of a CD. The installation process would take some time so you have to keep patience during that time span. You have to install same drive on every system you want to connect with printer. In this way, you can connect your printer with your router.