Wireless Configuration

Belkin Setup Process

Traditionally, modems were used by people for connecting to the internet and every computer had to have an individual modem for this purpose. However, those times are past now because routers have become an uprising trend. With the advent of smartphones and tablet computers, people want a fast internet connection for these devices as well as their personal computers and laptops. That’s exactly what a router provides through which several computers can be connected to the internet at the same time. What’s more is that there is no longer any need for complicated wiring because wireless routers are used now.

These routers are manufactured by a number of companies, which include the notable name of Belkin International Inc. Based in California; Belkin is the maker of consumer electronics that are especially related to connectivity devices. The company has recognized that routers are a backbone of every home, which is connected. Therefore, a router has to be brilliant and that’s what Belkin wireless router delivers. These routers are especially made to share a high-speed and efficient internet connection amongst multiple devices on the premises. A Belkin router is often referred to as a small computer, complete with a memory, CPU and basic operating system. These are relatively simple to install. Just follow the below mentioned steps:

  • From the computer socket, the modem has to be unplugged and the cable connecting the modem to the computer has to be located. The wire should be removed from the modem and instead connected to the gray port, found at the back of the Belkin router.

  • The box of the Belkin router will include a new cable and that has to be taken out. The router has a yellow port where this cable has to be connected. The other end has to be connected to the computer into the port of the modem. If the ports are labeled, then the port of the modem will say LAN.
  • The power supply of the modem should be plugged in and people should wait for several minutes. This is also applicable to the router. The corresponding lights of all the connections will turn green after a period of 20 seconds. If this is not the case then the connections have to be rechecked as there must be some problem.
  • The router box will also comprise of a CD that has to be inserted into the computer for the purpose of installation. After a few seconds, a Setup Assistant will appear which will the final step of the installation. However, in the case that the pop-up window does not appear, it should be opened through the Finder in Mac and My Computer for Windows. Setup Assistant has to be double clicked once it has been opened.

This Setup Assistant is quite easy to follow and offers clear cut instructions. Most problems are covered by this wizard such as the IP address, authentication details etc. The Belkin wireless router will be ready to use and people can stream and surf all they want!