Wireless Configuration

Asus Wireless Routers

How to configure Asus Wireless Routers?

Wi-Fi signals are transmitted between routers by the Local area networks for connecting themselves to the computers or laptops available at the other location. Asus wireless routers are very small in size and it is very easy to configure Asus wireless router for your network. The next step is to connect router with modem for accessing Internet on multiples computers. You can also connect other electronic devices with router like iPhone, printer or your mobile phone.

Configuration Steps

The first step is to connect WAN port of Asus modem with the DSL port of Wi-Fi modem with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Now connect DC port with the power outlet and switch on the power supply of router. Wait for few minutes after plugging the power port.

You have to use a CD with your computer for installing Asus wireless router. You just have to follow simple installation steps that make the configuration task pretty much easy for you. Now after installation wireless local area network is created by the router. Protect this new wireless local area network with a network name and network password. Network name and network password should be tough and difficult to crack by the unwanted users. Take the backup of network name and network password for future reference. You can change password time to time for enhancing securing of your wireless local area network.

The next advice is to make your router invisible during transmission of confidential data. This is not a mandatory step but it makes your WLAN (wireless local area network) more secure.

Now navigate the settings and make the Wi-Fi connection enable. There is also a Wi-Fi connection link at the top of the device connectivity page. You can also enable Wi-Fi through that link. If you are using more than one Wi-Fi connection then it will display the list of all Wi-Fi connections and WLANs in front of you. Identify the configured Wi-Fi connection and WLAN for your router.

Double click over the wireless local area network that you have configured for router and enable the Wi-Fi connectivity. Also enter the WLAN password for activating the Wi-Fi connection. Note down password in a separate file or notebook for future reference. In this way, you can configure your Asus wireless router successfully and you can also use the Wi-Fi connection on different computer systems.

How to configure an ASUS RX 3041 router?

With the help of an ASUS RX 3041 router you can access the Internet broadband on four computer systems. This latest RX 3041 Asus router is compatible with cable wire and DSL modem. It can be used with the computer connected through Ethernet cable. This is not so much difficult to configure Asus RX 3041 router on your network. The configuration steps take few minutes and after that you can use Internet on computer systems.

Configuration steps

The first task is to switch off DSL modem and cable.

Now take an Ethernet cable and plug one end of wire in WAN port of router and other end of the cable in the DSL or Internet port of the modem. Also connect your computer with the LAN ports of your router.

Now switch on the DSL modem and also turn on the power supply of router and modem. It will establish a link between modem and router and wait for few minutes for making a connection. In case, connection is not established between devices then reset the power button and again wait for few minutes. As soon as connection is established, you can access Internet on multiples computer systems. In this way, you can analyze that it is very easy to configure an ASUS RX 3041 router.

How to Set Up Wireless on an ASUS Eee PC?

ASUS Eee PC is available with latest Window 7 operating system. Also a wireless networking adapter is equipped with ASUS Eee PC. This wireless network adapter is quite suitable with latest Window 7 operating system and allows you to access Internet connection on your computer. Here are some simple steps that assist you in configuring wireless on an ASUS Eee PC.

Configuration Steps

Turn on your computer system and wait for Window 7 operating system to load. Access the Start -> Control panel.

Now search “Network and Internet” option in the control panel. Double click over the link and access the “connect to a network” option. It will allow you to connect with a network.

As you want to connect yourself with wireless network so you have to access the same option from the list. At last click over the connect button for connecting yourself to a wireless Internet connection.

The last step is to enter the network key for connecting yourself with a network. If you are not familiar with network key then contact your network administrator. He will instruct you how to configure wireless on ASUS Eee PC and also gives you idea about where to find the network key.

Type of ASUS wireless security

As we know ASUS wireless router can be protected through password yet there is need of configuring some security standard along with wireless router for safe transmission of data. These security standards are WEP, WPA and WPA 2.

WEP (wired equivalent privacy)

WEP (wired equivalent privacy) is a traditional security standard that was commonly used before 2003. This standard is still used by home users or small business users. You have to enter a 10 digit password for activating WEP along with ASUS wireless router. WEP protects your network from unauthorized users up to some extent. But it can easily be cracked by intelligent hackers in few minutes.

WPA or WPA 2

WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) or WPA 2 is advance form of WEP (wired equivalent privacy). This standard is widely used by the modern wireless industry and very difficult to crack by the hackers. You have to enter a 14 digit password for activating WPA or WPA 2 along with ASUS wireless router.